Cleaning and Gardening Deductions at the end of the Tenancy

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End of tenancy cleaning 

This is the most common deduction from a tenant’s deposit. The tenancy agreement stipulates that the property should be returned in the same condition. It should have been clean at the commencement of the tenancy. Tenants should refer to the inventory report. They should check the inventory photos when they move in. They should also take photos themselves. These will be used by the landlord/agent at the end of the tenancy. This will determine the standard of the property.

The property must be cleaned thoroughly before you hand your keys back. The tenants will not have the opportunity to return to the property after vacating.

Items often missed by tenants include:

  • the oven
  • washing machine soap tray
  • skirting boards
  • windows
  • inside kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • plug holes
  • toilet bowls and seat
  • grouting to tiles
  • defrosting freezers
  • Cleaning of the carpets

The property should be clean and fit for somebody else to move into. Someone will be moving in straight away. Their expectations could be higher than yours. Please ensure it is cleaned as best as possible. Seriously consider employing a professional.

We would advise tenants to take lots of photographs when moving in and out. However, if there is a disagreement at least you have some photos to consider the position.


It is your responsibility to maintain the garden. This includes any outside space whether front or back. It includes mowing the lawn and cutting back shrubs and bushes. You must return the garden in the same condition as you found it. This means from the beginning of the commencement of the tenancy. We advise tenants take numerous photos. They should do at the beginning and the end of the tenancy. You should also do the garden just before you leave.


All arrears must be paid before you leave the property. It is important that you understand this. Please read the article here regarding unpaid rent when vacating.

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