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Are you a student and looking for an extra income?  How about looking at tasking apps to make money.


If you are a student, it is more than likely that your phone is pretty much glued to your hands 24/7. Does this sound familiar?


Have you ever heard of tasking apps? It is an easy way to make up to £15.00 a day when you are out and about. All you have to do is complete straight forward jobs on behalf of big companies.  It might not suit everyone but if you are observant, able to get to the shops, alright talking about pictures with your phone or simply looking to earn a few extra pounds then tasking apps could be for you.


What is a tasking app?


Tasking apps are a little like mystery shopping.  This is what companies often do. They mystery shop themselves to make sure that their customer service is very good.  The crucial difference is that most of the time there is no actual shopping involved.


What happens via way of an app is an assignment will involve you going to a supermarket or a shop. Rather than buying something you just have to snoop around?  You will usually get some form of questions to answer about items on the shelves and sometimes take pictures of a product. In return they give you some money for doing it. There is usually no need to buy anything to take part which is why it is a great money maker.


How much can you earn from tasking apps?


The amount that you will be able to earn is dependent on how much time you are willing to dedicate by using the apps. It can also depend on where you live.  If you are in a large City or town you might find that jobs are available on tasking apps every day. In addition, if you have your own transport it could even be better.


Most jobs pay anywhere between £2.00 and £6.00 but can go up as much as £15.00 for one task. The major selling point of tasking apps is that as soon as the submission is accepted you can cash out straight away.


There are other tasking apps for instance such as paid surveys which you could also do. Examples of tasking apps are as follows: –


1) Roamler – roamler.com


Whilst it is pretty difficult to sign up to.  You must get invited to download the app which is available both on android and iOS.


You might get accepted by search. For example, Roamler invite on Twitter and asking someone for an invite, so it is not impossible.


There are almost always tasks available and they tend to pay out between £2.00 and £6.00 each.  Given tasks include taking photos of plant pots at a garden centre and reporting which teas are on sale in a supermarket.


2) Street Spotr – app.streetspotr.com


There aren’t as many jobs available on Street Spot but when they do pop up. They do tend to be highly paid and available across the board.


The app might be as good if you live in a smallish Town/City where these kinds of opportunities don’t tend to pop up much.


3) Field Agent – fieldagent.co.uk


Field Agents is available on iOS and Android.  They between £2.00 to £8.00 per task and it takes a few minutes work.  The tasks are pretty varied from everything from Photos and videos to offering an opinion and feedback on a product.


4) Task 360 – task360.co.uk


Task 360 is an iOS exclusive app, so it can only be used if you are on an Apple product.


Users report consistent decent earnings on task360, so it is worth downloading if you have an iPhone App.


5) Street Bees – streetbees.com


Tasks are less frequent on Street Bees that they tend to be a fair bit higher paid.  They can even be one per month. But you can find this is equal to two or three tasks on another one as they pay much higher.


6) BEMYEYE – invitation.emyeye.com


One of the busier tasking apps out there in terms of jobs available and the number of registered users.


This also means that they are quite varied to, so you won’t get bored.   Make sure that you download the app and enter the code NWEVQD when you sign up to get £1.00 bonus credit.


7) Premise – premise.com


Like a few of these apps premise ask you to complete a task when you first join etc.  Not the highest paid but one of the easier ones.


8) Clic and Walk – uk.clicandwalk.com


Another app that hasn’t offered many jobs but don’t hesitate to sign up as you will miss out when there is something.


9) Mobeye –mobeye.app


Mobeye doesn’t tend to have a great number of tasks available at any one time but again does make a small amount of payments.


10) Clickworker –clickworker.com


Click workers tasks are slightly different to what you find on most standard tasking apps.  Instead of going into shops the tasks vary. The only ones available are mainly taking photos and videos of yourselves performing tasks.


11) Microwork


Doesn’t tend to pay out a huge amount per task but the number available is impressive compared to some of the others on the list.  Be aware that you might come across slightly different tasks than normal.  There is a lot of action jobs involved taking photos of people walking etc.  This may now have been taken over by mobeye.


What is the best way of making money out of these tasking apps?


  1. Check the apps frequently. Although some apps tend to send push notifications to your phone when a task is available some don’t. Some locations only have one task per job so it is best that you look first thing in the morning to get the best out of it.Don’t let the clock run out. Once you have accepted a job on one of these apps there is a time limit in which you will need to complete the task. Of course, you might want to reserve the job so you can do it later so pay attention to how long you have in which to do it.  Factor in travel costs.


Unlike mystery shopping your earnings are usually 100% profit and the task almost always require you to be in a specific location.  So, you are going to go out of your way to get there, tally up the cost of the transport to see whether it is worthwhile.


  1. Take clear images.


It can always be difficult to get a clear full length shot of yourself when you’re in a busy supermarket but that’s what you are being paid to do. So make the effort or else you might be wasting your time.  If the app isn’t happy the pictures you submit, they could refuse to pay you or ask you to do it again.


What is the downside to tasking?


One of the main drawbacks of all these tasking apps is that they can be awkward to do.  Most of these are things are covertly meaning that staff aren’t meant to notice you and know what you are up to.  In larger stores this can be done easily but for a smaller business it is more difficult to do.


Sometimes the app will provide you with a letter of authorisation to show disgruntled staff but some shops may still be unhappy. Especially, that you are taking pictures so it can be awkward at times.


You may be inclined to reject some tasks that are more awkward than others to complete but there is a catch as they also tend to be amongst the best paid.  It is best to read through the description of the job and weigh up how comfortable you are before doing anything.


If this article helped you and you are interested in finding further ways to save/make money whilst being a student please read another article we have published (click here).

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