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You have now moved into your property. Firstly, you need to take metre readings. You need to do this for the electricity, gas, and water. Secondly, they will need to set up an account with the new supplier. Please find below some utility companies to choose from. However, we do not recommend any one company. In the first instance it is down to the individual tenant to choose. Thirdly, it is totally a matter for them.

Who is my gas supplier?

There are various services to use to find out the current supplier. These include meter point administrations online service. Find my supplier. Meter point telephone administration service. The telephone number is 0870-6081524

Who is my electricity supplier?

You will need to find out who your electricity supplier is for the property. However, you could contact the local electricity distribution company. In addition, you can use the energy association postcode search tool. This can be found on www.energynetworks.org. There is a postcode finder that will also tell you who the suppliers are.

Gas & Electric Companies


British Gas


0800 048 0202






0800 111 999




Southern Electric


0800 107 9639






0800 316 9331






0345 052 0000




Scottish Power


0800 027 0404




If you have any queries about gas supply, you can call Southern Gas Networks on 0845 070 1431






Southern Water 0845 270 1508 www.southernwater.co.uk


Council Tax

The Council need to be aware that the property has new tenants. Firstly, as per utilities you need to inform them you have moved in. Secondary, ou will need to call them and set up an account. Brighton’s Telephone number: 01273 290000. Thirdly, there are various council tax rules for different groups. It would be best to read our article on our website here.

Council tax for students

Will you be living in Student accommodation in Brighton?

If you are a student and full time you may be able to get a discount. Therefore, you need to inform the local authority.

It is not automatic that you would be entitled to not pay any council tax. There are exemptions for students. For instance, each individual council is different. Above all, you should apply to the local authority. In addition, any discount would need to be applied. This can only be done by the local authority.

The link is for Brighton Borough Council. It explains what you need to do.


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