Things that you Must Factor into your Student Accommodation in Brighton Budget

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  • Things that you Must Factor into your Student Accommodation in Brighton Budget
It is important if you are looking for student accommodation in Brighton that you understand what your responsibilities are. Additionally, how these will affect you when looking for property. We find that students looking for accommodation often don’t consider other items they may have to pay to have the property. We appreciate it is a first time for students moving out of home and they may not be aware of the extra bills that could be required. We give a brief guide here of what you need to take into account.


It seems obvious but all student accommodation will need you to pay some form of rent. This is a required payment and most student accommodation in Brighton is scheduled on a calendar monthly basis. We often find that students don’t understand that dividing it by 12 isn’t a calendar month as such. We appreciate students like to look for student accommodation in Brighton based on a weekly rental amount. But they tend to then divide it by 12 and don’t understand that each calendar month is different. What we find is that most students multiply the weekly rent by four which doesn’t work out to be correct per calendar month. If you are looking to work out the property most of ours will state the monthly and weekly rent. If it is weekly, you have to times it by 52 and then divide by 12. Not times it by 4 for the month.
Each property will have a different price and this relates to where it is and what it is and how it looks inside. It is important that you look at what area you wish to live in and understand the average rent in that area. Don’t be surprised by it.


Will I need a guarantor for my student accommodation in Brighton? Yes, we will need you to have a homeowner guarantor. That is somebody who owns a home in the United Kingdom and can guarantee your rent in the event that you do not pay it. We do however now have a company that we use that offers an insurance policy for any guarantors in the event that there is a default. Please click the link here….

Utility Bills

Are these included in my student accommodation? No, it is unlikely that your utility bills are included within your rent. We do not include bills of any nature. But we can give you details of a provider who will be able to help you in splitting your bills between you. If this is what you need. They provide an all over service to include electricity, gas, water, TV licence, rates and broadband. But they are a separate company to ourselves
You will find that some companies do include all-inclusive bills. However, we find that these are more expensive than the normal open market and it is not something that we do. It is also important that you are aware that all-inclusive bills don’t always include everything. You need to check with the individual companies that you are dealing with what it does and doesn’t include.
It is so important that you are aware what bills are required. You will be looking to pay for gas, electricity, water, TV licence and broadband. We have broadband included within some of our rents. You need to be aware that when it comes to utilities it is your responsibility not the landlords or letting agents to deal with these. It is thus so important that you often read your meter to ensure that your bills are correct. Click here to read our previous article on Utility bills and council tax explained.

TV Licence

You may have never had to pay for a TV licence and never taken it into account. But if you are in a joint tenancy agreement for the whole house then you will have to pay for a TV licence. A TV licence is usually per household, but you will need to check.
There are a lot of different ways to buy a TV licence. You may find that you need to share this within the house. You can make a one-off payment every 12 months either online or by direct debit. You can spread the cost over a direct debit for a period of six months or four months. You can also choose a payment card which you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
You need to ensure you have a TV licence to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or download or watch BBC programmes on an iPlayer. This could also include any device including a TV desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, and digital box and DVD/VHS recorder.
Even if you are in University Halls a communal licence won’t cover your room. However, it may be covered by your parents’ licence. You will need to check with the licencing authority who can be contacted on TV on their website.

Council tax

Full time students need to be aware of their responsibilities about council tax. Not all councils are the same thus you need to take this into account. However, you will also need to ensure that you have a council tax exemption certificate. We have done an extensive article on council tax and you should read this through. Alternatively, you could speak to Brighton and Hove Borough council and their Department who will be able to help you with a link for council tax exemption.

Contents Insurance

This is often not considered when you are looking to share a property. Most students don’t appreciate that they need to have contents insurance for their own accommodation. It is so important that you understand that this is your responsibility to deal with.


Considering that you may have to travel on the bus, if you do not have a car or bicycle to the University. You will need to ensure what the cost would be for travel. This is so important.


Paying your rent on time can boost your credit score. Did you know that you can opt into rental exchange initiative? A free scheme that records your rent payments and sends the results to credit agency Experian. It can help you in future if you pay your rent-on time.
Look as early as you can for rental accommodation. Statistics say that people start to look around mid-November to find accommodation.
If you have a student loan either consider paying your rent in advance or alternatively put it into a high interest-bearing account to earn as much interest for you as possible.
We hope you have good hunting in student accommodation in Brighton. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on (01273) 724000 as we are one of the largest providers in Brighton and Hove.
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