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  1. Food shop in the evenings

    After about 6pm most supermarket shops start to reduce the price on items they need to shift by the end of the day.

Still make a list but if you are flexible on brands and flavours you could bag fresh produce still good to eat but for pennies.

  1. Join secret sales websites

There are a growing number of these that run flash time sales from anything from designer brands to holidays. For instance, you will often see that Amazon has a today’s deal section.

  1. Have at least one no spend day each week

Having a no spend day is both simple and difficult. When you stop to think about it you spend money on at least one thing every day even if it is as small as a bus fare or a snack while you are out and about. It takes some planning and some effort but you will never know what you will be able to do and what you could save.

4. Look twice for cheap flights

It can be a costly rooky mistake to assume the first get away deals you find are the cheapest especially as prices can change in minutes. You could use companies such as sky scanners which have an everywhere tool to find bargain bucket seats on flights anywhere. Always shop around.

  1. Don’t hesitate to speak to cancellations Department

If you have got a phone or TV subscription. Which is due for renewal. Tell your provider that you are taking your business elsewhere unless they can beat the cheaper alternative. This often works with mobile companies.

  1. Think about phone insurance

Not only are two thirds of you likely to damage or break your phone at the University but phone theft is so rampant nowadays. Insurance costs money but you can save the expense of getting a new phone or pricey repairs

  1. Ride the bus for less

If you catch the bus every day you will find that a bus pass will work out cheaper for you or there might be some freebies in your area if you check.

  1. Swerve premium rate numbers

There is one thing more torturous than anything else is Companies that have you on hold with music with rip off numbers. Make sure that you don’t use them.

  1. Don’t play the top selling apps and games

Make sure that you are looking for the best possible price when dealing with these type of apps as well as games.

  1. A year’s two for one ticket

There are still two for one deals out there if you look around such as the meerkat movies scheme etc. Look out for all the potential deals.

  1. Get a three-year rail card when you are 24

Buy or renew your three-year 16-25 rail card before your 24th birthday to get a third off rail fares until you are 27!!

  1. Check your gym membership price

Are you paying for gym membership that you don’t use or is it too much money? Why don’t you check out other gyms or you don’t go at all? Why are you paying for it?

  1. Check Amazons secret warehouse deals

Did you know that Amazon has a website called Amazon warehouse which has a lot more deals on it than the normal Amazon.

  1. Price compare your groceries

    You can take out a huge amount of costs from your weekly shop by taking out the expensive brands from your shopping. Going with normal brands that don’t cost you so much money. It may seem funny but sometimes the best way to shop is with a calculator and forget all the brand names as you could be paying through the nose for the same product.

  2. Use discounted gift cards of big chains

If you have received a gift card for a shop and you never go, it could turn out that you are not the only one. People often get rid of these vouchers and are willing to part with them for less than they are worth. You can always go onto EBay.

  1. Stop smoking

If you are a smoker you could be spending anywhere between £2000 to £3000 a year on your habit. There are various kits out there that can help you stop smoking as well as the NHS that now have services for people that wish to stop smoking.

  1. Don’t get stung on event tickets

Always try and look for the cheapest option on the resale sites etc. when it comes to gigs etc.

  1. Rack up loyalty points

Get yourself a reward card and hoard points to claim money off. You will find that most of these rewards such as Tesco Club Card, Nectar card and Boots Advantage card can give you great points which you can use in future.

  1. Only take cash on nights out

If you go out with a set amount of money in your pocket then you can’t spend any more.

  1. Save on lunches

Are you buying a lunch on the go and not actually realising that that is expensive and better to do your own lunch before you go out?

  1. Don’t shop when you are hungry

It might seem completely obvious but it is not. If you shop when you are hungry you will more than likely spend a lot more money on food shopping than if you are full up. It seems very simple but always eat and drink before you go food shopping.

  1. Go the Cinema during off peak hours

    Weekends and evenings might feel the best time to watch a film but you will be paying a pretty penny too. Often cinemas have reductions if you go during the day.

  2. Collect vouchers and rewards

Complete online surveys in exchange for vouchers from major retailers or even get free products to test. There are various review websites that you can go to that will help you in this regard.

  1. Trim the cost of haircuts

If you can’t live without a big-name salon find one that has a local training school or ask for somewhere that is cheaper. You may not get to choose what you want but you will find that you will pay a lot more money.

  1. Don’t pay to withdraw your cash

It is tempting to suck up the cost of those ATMs that charge but it can mean that you are paying as much as £2.50 a go to get your own cash.

  1. Become a vegetarian for two days a week

Meat is one of the most expensive things that you can buy when you are going to University. Become a vegetarian for a couple of days a week you might find that you could save out on money and give you more chance to eat more vegetables.

  1. Squeeze the most from your toiletries

Just because you can’t squeeze any more out of toothpaste doesn’t mean there isn’t another weeks’ worth of toothpaste in there. Cut the end of the tube off and use the rest of the toothpaste, shampoo or moisturiser or whatever else you have got.

  1. Buy cheap alternatives to cleaning products rather than expensive alternatives

We have already mentioned above that it is cheaper to look for none brands than it is the usual brands that people take off the shelf. You might be surprised how much you can save.

  1. Earn money from your student loan

Whenever you have a lump sum of cash that you don’t need straight away consider putting it in a high interest cash ISA that will earn you interest. It might only be a small amount but it is more than you previously had.

  1. Save money on banking

You will often find that banks will have any form of special deals for students. Don’t go with the first one that is offered to you but check each individual deal to see whether it is the best that you can get.

  1. Save money on travel

    There are various ways of saving money on travel from rail cards, sky scanner, train line, Uber, parking media there are so many ways of saving.

  2. Look for the ultimate list of free stuff

You will often find that most companies will offer students free items to see if they will take on their products or even give them a feedback on it

Happy Hunting and we hope that you find the above tips practical.

If you are a student currently living on a budget read our previous article on things to factor into your student accommodation.

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