Unpaid Rent when Vacating at the end of the Term

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  • Unpaid Rent when Vacating at the end of the Term

Last Rent Payment

When tenants move in the first rent payment would have been pro-rata so that the rent due date falls on the 1st of the month. The last rent payment will also be pro-rata to reflect how many days left in the last month of your tenancy. Payees will thus need to adjust the standing order to reflect this amount. Harringtons provide tenants with the figure in the vacating instructions.



Tenants have until midnight on the vacating date to return the keys to the Landlord/Letting Agent. Tenants must return all the keys for the property including all sets given when they moved in and any subsequent keys cut. Failure to return the keys by this time may result in the locks changing and the costs of the lock change will be deducted from the deposit. For every day the keys are late there may be additional charges. If Harringtons Lettings is not open, please place keys through the letterbox in a clearly marked envelope. Do not put them through the door of the property you have just vacated please drop them into our office. The inventory will state how many keys were given in the move in.


Vacant Possession

The tenancy agreement stipulates that tenants must return the property in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy. This means removing all tenant possessions, including appliances that do not belong to the landlord. If any of the previous tenants’ belongings are still present after they have handed in their keys then they will be charged for the removal of the items.

One unlikely scenario is that the old tenants have agreed with the new tenant that they will buy their belongings. In this case the Landlord/Letting Agent needs to be aware of the agreement so that the items are not removed. Please note that Landlords or Harringtons Lettings cannot be held responsible for any private agreement made between tenants.

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