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The ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have made an announcement. Electrical installation checks are now mandatory every five years. This affects private rented houses in England. It is now live from April 2021. However, please see the governments article regarding this –

Electrical safety reports are necessary every five years.

Where an EICR’s is needed ensure this is carried out by an electrician. They need to hold the correct qualifications and be competent. If not complied with tough financial penalties will apply.

The Government announced that these are now mandatory from April 2021.

What is an EICR

For example it is a condition report for the following: –

  1. Firstly, identify overloading of electrical circuits
  2. Secondly, find any potential electric shock risk and hazard
  3. Thirdly, Identify defective electrical work
  4. Identify any lack of earthing or bonding

Wiring and fixed electrical items will be tested. These are to check that they are safe and compliant. They can also provide a schedule of circuits which can be helpful in the future.

The report will contain EICR codes that form the electrical condition report. For instance, these will outline any issues found on the EICR report.

These are as follows: –

C1: Immediate danger – Exposed live wires. Open gap in the consumer unit. Badly damaged accessories. Conductive parts are live due to a fault. These are the works that require immediate attention. The electrician is unable to leave site until they are completed.

C2: Potential danger – Poor earthing. Absence of earthing at a socket. Absence of RCD. Personal equipment used outside where no RCD. Bath or shower room.

C3: Improvement recommended – Absence of an RCD. Under sized bonding conductor. Failure to meet general standards and regulations.

From April 2021 electrical installation reports are required. Therefore, they are essential for ensuring that properties are safe. It is so important that you have an EICR.  However, if you require any further information regarding electrical safety, please refer to our previous article here.

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