Legal Update

This page will have all the legal updates that come through from the government as there are so many on a regular basis now taking place.

Right to rent checks

The government in relation to right to rent checks suspended the need for landlords to physically meet their tenants and take photos of the passports. This freeze was due to be removed on the 21st June but the government has now decided at the last minute to extend this to the 1st September. After this date the landlords would need to physically meet the tenants and take photos of their passport.

It is important that you are aware of the right to rent rules. These have also changed for non-EU residents as well as people coming from Europe. If they are coming from Europe, they will need an automatic settlement letter which the government can give you details of. The tenants get a code which you can then check online. If they are not from the EU, they would need a permit. There are various rules and regulations so do not hesitate to contact us if you need to.

Pets. Do I have to consider tenants who have pets?

The law has not changed when it comes to pets. It is still at the landlord’s discretion on whether they wish to take a pet or not. However, the government has a standard model tenancy agreement. This agreement has now been amended to include pets, but it is not compulsory for landlords to do so.

There are various bills going through the government now with a view that these will include some form of compulsory requirement for landlords to accept pets. We are still waiting for the full details but at this moment in time the policy has not changed. There is no law requiring you to take pets.

Renters reform bill

This has now been put back into the government scheme and includes abolishing the section 21 notice. Unfortunately, the total amount of all the changes has still not yet been laid out by the government. Even though the renters reform bill is in its reading stage at the house of commons.

We are waiting for full details of exactly what the position is before we can give you further information.

Evictions on commercial properties

The government has extended the timeline so landlords can no longer evict commercial tenants for a further 9 months.

If you have a commercial property and need some help, then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this.

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