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Introduction to Harringtons

We have been acting for landlords and tenants since 1993 and have built an award winning team with a wealthy experience in all aspects of lettings.

Despite on going changes in the industry, lettings remains one of the safest and best performing investment opportunities in the market. Many relationships with our landlords are long term, benefiting from a range of tailor made services that we offer. We ensure that all of our tenants have a guarantor. This means that the landlord is guaranteed to obtain their rent for the property.

We provide a quality and truly independent service. Our landlords, whether private or commercial all share a common desire to ensure that their valuable assets are maintained to a high standard. We are professionals that they can rely on. There are very few agents whether corporate or independent that can compete with Harringtons. An independent lettings specialist in Brighton and Hove. We have been perfecting our formula since 1993. We provide a very high level of service to our clients.


Our landlords, all have a common desire to ensure that their most expensive asset is maintained to a high standard by industry professionals they can rely on. We provide a quality and truly independent service. We are fully transparent. We understand that choosing your letting agent is one of the most important decisions that you can make and will have an impact on the value of your asset or investment. We pride ourselves in our property management service. Our expert knowledge locally. Our detail on the forever changing laws and regulations. We ensure that our landlords are protected at all times. We act in your best interests at all times.

We are not a typical letting agents. The team at Harringtons are some of the most qualified in the industry. They are fully committed to providing a transparent, realistic and expert service. We have been praised by our landlords for our refreshing approach. We prefer to be honest and upfront rather than telling a landlord what they want to hear. We often let property where others have failed due to our honesty with respect to the market.

We are truly and independent letting specialists. We are flexible to suite each landlords requirements and work closely with them to ensure the best possible rental income. We source quality tenants for each type of property. We do not have to worry about dealing with any form of sales so all of our time is spent with landlords on letting their property. We don’t diverse out product.

We hope that you would trust us with your property and enjoy the peace of mind that it brings. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01273 724000.


Free Property Valuation

Do you want a free property valuation?

What is a property valuation. We offer a free no-obligation valuation of your flat or house in Brighton and Hove.  One of our representatives will visit your property for a detailed valuation to establish the potential rental value.  The valuation will be compiled based on a multitude of factors. For example, a comparison with other rental properties in the local area. The demand for the area at that time. The proximity to local amenities. Is it near transport links. Our valuer will also be able to answer any questions you may have whilst on-site.

We pride ourselves on knowing the up to date law for all of our landlords. In this forever changing world we believe that this is absolutely critical.

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Harringtons Set Up

At Harringtons we have a unique and specific way of running our business which maximizes efficiency this helps up to ensure that we provide you with an expert service throughout the letting process. This has been a tried and trusted system for many years and ensure that you have the best customer service at the most reasonable price.

Lettings Team.

Our lettings team in all aspects of rental valuations, investment advice, marketing, carrying out viewings, corresponding with tenants and agreeing lets with landlords.

They also include all of the professional photography, our 3D virtual tours and plans of the properties.


They deal with all the enquiries from tenants and are able to spend time discussing what the tenants want in order to ensure they get the right property. This allows us as your letting agent to let your property very quickly. They can be contacted on 01273 724000 and

Admin team.

Once the property has been let our administration team will deal with the tenant. They will deal with all the tenant applications, guarantor applications, rent checks and issuing the move in documents. This is the most important part of the process. They will deal with the inventories before the tenant moves in and the deposit registration. They will then deal with any deposit returns, mid-term inspections, maintenance and safety. They will deal with the general administration and correspondence on a day to day basis and ensure that they liaise direct with you with any problems that may occur. They are here to ensure that all of your time is spent looking after other matters rather than your property. They have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience especially with the forever changing law.

They can be contacted on 01273 749169 and

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Open days / Bulk Viewings

We often find that when a property hits the market there are multiple tenants who wish to view the property. In this case we create an open viewing / bulk viewing on the same day. This encourages urgency and competition between potential tenants which speeds up the letting process. It gives us an opportunity to choose the best tenant for your property.

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We only accept tenants with guarantors. They must provide a guarantor that is a United Kingdom homeowner. This ensures that if the tenant does fall into arrears, we have another party we can contact straight away who is liable to make payment. There are various rent guarantee schemes on the market, but they all have at least 3-6 months before you can make a claim and landlords do not have the time to wait for that process. We ensure that the guarantor is contacted immediately. They will then be liable to make payment if the tenant has not done so. This has been proven to dramatically reduce the number of tenants in arrears if at all. By asking for guarantors, it always allows us to have a person if we have additional issues such as noise etc to contact. We used to do referencing some 25 years ago but now that you cannot give a bad reference it is a pointless exercise. The references cannot make payment for the rent, the guarantors can. All landlords are different, and we are flexible if you wish to have references. Some landlords prefer to traditional route but understand why we take guarantors. If for instance a tenants situation changes such as redundancy, then can you afford to lose 3-5 months’ worth of rent? It is not only the rent that would be covered it is any damages to the property together with solicitors, barristers, and bailiffs’ costs in the event you had to go to court.


Choosing The Right Tenant

We will only place tenants in your property that we would in our homes.

We understand the importance of the right tenant. Our promise to you is that we will only place quality tenants into our landlords properties. We will do everything in our power to ensure that we find reliable tenants. We will ensure that they will pay their rent on time and look after your property. This puts your mind at rest.

How can you guarantee my rent.

We have worked for some many years on the basis that each individual person must provide us with a United Kingdom homeowner guarantor. This ensure that in the event the tenant falls into arrears, which we are sure they will not, there is another party to contact to make payment. The guarantor is liable for the rent. They are also liable for any damage at the end of the tenancy and if you have a noise compliant you can always go back to a guarantor. If you just take references it doesn’t ensure you of anything. People can loose their jobs. Unfortunately it does happen. We have a proven track record on having no arrears. By asking for guarantors reduced the amount of time we need to set up a tenancy where we are not waiting for third party companies to gather the referencing that they require. Most landlords are aware that you can not now give a bad reference. All landlords are different and we are flexible as to which application process we carry out  but the guarantors has been tried and trusted for many years. If a tenant is made redundant or the situation changes, could you afford to loose approximately 3 – 5 months in rent payments? Many rent guarantee schemes don’t offer the cover a guarantor does. Will they pay for solicitors, barristers and bailiff costs even. They may not but a guarantor will.


Marketing and Advertising

The lettings market has dramatically changed over the last 5 years. It is so important more than ever to employ the right marketing. This will not only achieve a premium rental income but good long term tenants.

What is the importance of correct advertising.?

Over 92% of all property enquiries come from online portals so your property has to be advertised in the correct way and from the day it hits the market. The first day it hits the market is the most important. There are many different aspects to this and if it is not done correctly you will not generate the best possible response. This could adverse the impact on the rental price.

We have invested heavily in up to date technology. Not only do we have 3D virtual tours but also plans for all of our properties. Our photography is second to none.

We advertise on all the major property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, as well as some other smaller portals. With Rightmove we pay additional money for a featured listing. This means that your property will be seen at the top of every Rightmove page every time somebody is looking within that price range. Rightmove is a fantastic tool for promoting your property and we pay for these additional listings. They gain an additional 22% more enquiries than any other listing on their site. Our manage landlords enjoy the benefits of featured listings at no additional charge to them with an increased advert exposure. Your property will not get better exposure anywhere else!

We have professional photography.

It is very important to have quality photos of the property included within the advert. Rightmove figures suggest that 70% of enquiries come within the first week of the property being listed. This is why we ensure that a virtual tour and new photos are taken before the property is listed.

We have invested heavily in photography to ensure that our staff are professional trained. This allows us to get better photos than the majority of all other agents. Rightmove statistics show that properties with attractive photos get 55% more enquiries.

Normally when you find industry beating prices, it would indicate some lack of service. This is not the case with Harringtons, who offer a fantastic service to go along with their great pricing structure.

Top Tips for Landlords

As a landlord there are many legal requirements that you should be aware of to ensure your property is compliant. We love to share our expert knowledge with you.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and what is required?

What is a Gas Safety and when is one required?

What is an Electrical Installation Certificate Report (EICR) and what is required?

Does my property require Smoke Alarms and a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

When is a HMO License required?

Do I need to register my tenants Deposit?

Do I need Landlord Property Insurance?

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