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Summer presents an excellent opportunity for landlords to let their properties out and to do so quickly. The good weather that summer usually provides can help make your property’s interior and exterior look more attractive to tenants.

Statistics also show that summer is the most popular season for tenant enquiries. With recent property trends, homes in coastal areas such as Brighton, which is an area we cover here at Harringtons Lettings, should be in high demand, meaning getting your property successfully let this summer could be a breeze.

Make your home and garden look great

Summer’s better weather and generous amounts of sunshine can help to make your property’s indoors and outdoors look great. In the harsh winter months, homes can look duller and darker but summer’s natural light can help to make rooms seem bigger and brighter.

Rooms that look more spacious can help to make your property more attractive to would-be tenants and help you to successfully let your property.

Summer’s sunshine doesn’t just provide a boost to your property’s indoors, it can also work wonders for your property’s outdoors too. A spruced up garden can look super in the summer, and it’s up to you whether you maintain your garden yourself or allow a professional to keep it neat for you.

However you choose to go about it, preening your garden is proven to be a worthwhile effort as research from Post Office Money shows that landscaping your garden can add 77% to the value of your home – useful if you ever decide to sell your home in the future.

So making sure your garden looks its best for property viewings can help you successfully let your property this summer.

Ensure your outdoor spaces look their best

Not everybody has a garden and those with outdoor spaces can also use this to their advantage when trying to successfully let a property in the summer. Summer can help to bring out the beauty of your outdoor spaces such as balconies and terraces.

Tenants who are looking to rent in the summer months might place greater interest in your outdoor spaces, as with the warmer weather, they could be spending a lot of time there.

Maximise the appeal of your outdoor spaces by making sure they are neat and tidy before viewings. A clean outdoor space can help prospective tenants visualise how they can enjoy the sun at your property. An attractive outdoor space can certainly help you successfully let your property in the summer.

Are you a student looking for accommodation in Brighton for the next academic year? Call us today on 01273 724000 or via email on we can help you find the perfect home!

Summer is when tenant enquiries are at their peak

July to August is typically when tenant enquiries are at their highest levels, meaning you are more likely to experience increased tenant demand in the summer months.

A rise in tenant demand can lead to more enquiries and property viewings and this can materialise as a faster let. The higher tenant interest in the summer months also gives you more leverage to set a higher rental price which will, in turn, increase your yield.

Statistics are on your side when letting out in the summer, but you can also strengthen your position by working with an established letting agency like Harringtons. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

People want to move quicker in the summer

People don’t just want to move in summer, they want to move quickly. Summer’s warmer weather presents the perfect opportunity for speedy moves. Given the choice between dragging your belongings around on a bitterly cold dark day or moving boxes on a bright blue-skied summer’s day – the latter definitely sounds more appealing.

Apart from summer’s usually better weather, that’s not the only reason people want to move quickly in the summer, a lot of families will want to have settled into their new home before the school term starts in September.

You can use these seasonal circumstances to your advantage by ensuring your property is on the market now and ready for viewings. It would also be wise to make sure your property is ready to be moved in, especially for tenants with families who can be eager to move in before school starts. A property that’s good to go can help you with successfully letting your property this summer.

The pandemic has given people new priorities

Covid-19 has impacted the way we live and with this upheaval what tenants are looking for in a property has also changed. More people than ever are working from home, so it’s a smart move to make sure you have a nice home office space set up and fast broadband.

If you’re letting out a property in the summer, then use the increased natural light and better weather to your advantage to make the office space in your property look larger.

Faster broadband can also be a deal-clincher as it is likely that tenants will be working from home  (at least some of the time) and their children could be taught from home again, too, if further lockdowns are reintroduced.

Make the most of being on the coast

Here at Harringtons Lettings, we cover areas in Sussex including Brighton which has ranked as the UK’s most profitable city for landlords two years in a row.

With the UK’s staycation surge seeing coastal cities as the most popular destinations and with the pandemic making more people seek rural and seaside living, this means landlords should make the most of being on the coast. Take advantage of your location by working with a letting agency like Harringtons who know Brighton inside and out.

You can also maximise the view your property has by being close to the beach by making sure your balcony, patio or garden look great.

To get the most from your tenancies, you need to work with an experienced, reputable letting agent. Here at Harringtons Lettings, we can help you to remain compliant and get the most from the tenancies of your properties.

We cover a wide range of areas across Sussex and are also able to offer management across the whole of the UK if required. You can find out more about us here. You can also contact us here to find out more about our services.

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