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Have you got the right insurance policy for your rented property? Some landlords don’t realise that you need specific landlord insurance when renting your property out. Our sister company iInsure 365 will be able to ensure your property is covered correctly.


Have you got the right insurance policy for your rented property? Some landlords do not realise that you need specific landlord insurance when renting your property out. Our sister company iInsure365 will be able to ensure your property is covered correctly.


You do not have to worry about filling out long and lengthy forms to find cheap landlords’ insurance. With iInsure 365 you can speak to one of the team who will find a quote from their panel of providers. A landlord may have one or more properties in the United Kingdom that they rent out to others. It is important for landlords to spend time looking for the right cover. Make sure to find an insurance policy designed specifically for landlords.

We often find that a new landlord will think that a home insurance policy will suffice. This is not the case and often they will make a claim that the insurance company will almost certainly turn it down. Standard home insurance policies mostly cover homeowners or property owners, not landlords. If you stick with your normal home policy, you could find yourself with no cover at all.

Landlord building insurance tailored towards landlords and their specific requirements. We will ensure that we understand what you need for cover. Even eventualities such as alternative accommodation and loss of rental income.

Insurance cover you can trust.

iInsure 365 provide tailor-made cover to give you the protection you need. We have cover provided by Avia and the other major UK insurers. All this to be sure that we provide you with the best landlord insurance in the UK.

This is to ensure that both landlords and buy-to-let owners can get the coverage they need. We will compare the market for you, without compromising on the quality of cover.

Our clients know that they can rely on us for quick and simple solutions. We can issue documents on the same day we set up the policy. We provide simple landlords insurance that is easy to understand and comprehensive. Request a call back from either a commercial or residential landlord for a quote. We will call when suites you best. Being a landlord carries a whole range of risk and responsibilities.

Normal home insurance does not provide you with a full range of cover you need. You need specific landlord building insurance to protect your investment or risk further financial losses. iInsure 365 understand that a landlord will want peace of mind as they cannot be at the property the whole time. So, it is imperative to have the best landlord cover possible. Our customers know this and trust us to compare insurance for them as we understand the pit falls open to buy-to-let landlords.

Why not look at our google reviews. Consistent five stars cannot be wrong with any of our clients? Why not call us on 01273 827090 or email us at We will be able to go through what your requirements are to your satisfaction.

Why iInsure 365?

We understand the buy-to-let industry more than most. We not only offer good value building and contents insurance. But we have an insight at the best ways of how to protect your investment by giving you the total peace of mind.

We have a panel of insurers that understand how to meet the needs of landlords by offering various types of policies for your rental properties. We can give you peace of mind that you have effective buildings and contents landlord’s insurance.

Also, we offer comprehensive coverage for landlords throughout the United Kingdom, providing solutions for all types of landlords. Whether you are a new landlord or existing we can help you with our experienced staff. From insuring a single property to managing your portfolio of many properties.

Make sure that you get the right the cover for your home and buildings through our experienced team. It is our business to ensure that your property has bespoke service that compliments your needs.

Our highly trained staff access and cover all areas of concerns for you. We have over 20 years’ experience within the landlord sector and understand what people need. Moreover, you will never have to speak to a call centre. Above all, we treat all our customers with respect and a loyalty they deserve. Safe in the knowledge that their most valuable properties are with a highly trusted company. We manage anything from landlords building insurance, buy-to-let, commercial, blocks of flats, professional indemnity, contractors or risk policy, tenants’ contents insurance, right to manage, unoccupied properties and many more so do not hesitate to call us on 01273 827090.

What does Landlord insurance cover?

A standard landlord insurance policy can cover a number of situations, including the following if selected;

Building insurance

Damage to the building cause by fire, lightening, explosion, falling aircraft, earthquake and riots. These can also include party fire and theft, repairing or replacing especially when involved in an accident. There sometimes can be a claims bonus and it may be something you could pay for monthly.

Contents insurance

Damage to or loss of, your possessions including white goods, carpets, fixtures and fittings. This all depends on what sort of level of cover you take and then it will be the insurance premium. Sometimes the more the premium the more it covers the cost.

Property owners liability

Protects you if you are deemed liable for damage or injuries suffered by third parties at the property.

Alternative accommodation

Covers your cost if your tenants are forced to move out at a time during the damage to a property.

Accidental damage

Protects your buildings and belongings if your tenants damage your property unintentionally.

Malicious damage

Covers the cost of repair if your tenants intentionally damage your property – not always as standard. Normally an add on.

Employees liability

Protects you if you employ people in your property who then become injured due to a negligence.

Unoccupied property cover

Protects the property whilst it is unoccupied ie you are waiting for new tenants to move in.

How can you reduce the cost of landlord insurance?

The cost of landlord insurance sometimes depends on a number of factors, some of which wont be under your control. These are such as the tenants employment status and location of the property. However, thinking about the following can help you find cheaper landlord insurance quotes.

Property conditions

A property in good repair is less likely to need a claim and could mean lower premiums.

Security measures

Increased security measures also reduce the chance you would have to claim.

Level of cover

Taking out additional levels of cover will increase the over all price of the policy.

Your claims history

If you have made a high number of claims over the years you are likely to pay more.

Do I need contents insurance as a landlord?

You might need contents insurance as a landlord if you are supplying furniture, fixtures and fittings for your tenants. For example, a landlords contents policy can help with free standing sofas and beds, floor coverings and electrical appliances. You can generally expect the following to be covered as either standard or as an add on and you should check.

Furniture such as sofas and cabinets.

Kitchen appliances like ovens or sinks.

Curtains and carpets.

Paintings and pictures.

Light fittings.

Out buildings such as sheds or houses.

Gardens and garden contents.

Communal areas – if you are letting your property out to multiple tenants.

You might also be able to claim for alternative accommodation for your tenants if any damage to your contents renders the property uninhabitable.

Can I get quotes insurance for multiple properties.

We offer the option of adding multiple properties to your policy. You may even be able to get a discount on your premiums as a result. However, you may find that you need to separate properties for each policy. It is always better to compare your options before committing to any individual insurance company.

Is landlord insurance a legal requirement?

Landlord insurance is not a legal requirement. However, you are putting yourself at considerable risk by not buying it if you rent your properties. You cant use standard home insurance for a rental property. Any claims you make for a rental property on a regular insurance will be denied.

Quick, quality buy to let cover for landlords.

Buy to let landlords have serious responsibilities, and you need to have flexible insurance that protects you, your tenants and your property. With iInsure 365 you can get just that. Your building insurance policy will have a range of key covers. You will get a single premium, a single renewal date and a single set of documents, all helping you to self guard your investment.

Building insurance for landlords.

Whether you are commercial or a buy to let investor your property is the most important asset. But the asset faces a range of risks everyday. Fire, flood, and countless other potential disasters mean that your property needs protection. We have various providers that can do this just for you. Safe guard your investment today, and get on with enjoying the benefits.

Compare building insurance quotes

iInsure can compare multiple business insurance quotes from a range of leading insurers and get the policy that you require.

We also have an extensive news library. Please click here to browse through our latest news article. Click here to have an instant quote.

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