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Finding The Best Student Property In Brighton

With two universities and five colleges, Brighton and Hove are both popular student areas to live. Hove is sometimes considered the more attractive of the two. With plenty of period properties and green spaces on offer, not to mention a great beach.

If you’re studying near Brighton and looking for accommodation, here’s a guide on how to locate the best properties on the market.

What are your priorities?

In an ideal world, you’ll want a house that’s close to Hove station, the beach, the town, and which offers a high standard of décor throughout. However, unless you’ve got a limitless budget, this probably won’t be achievable. Identify what your priorities are, as this will help to guide your search.

Who will you be living with?

If you’re planning to move in with friends, you’ll need to have a firm idea of how many bedrooms you’ll need. Plus what sort of living space you’ll require. If you’re ‘going solo’ and want to rent a room in a shared house, it’s a good idea to consider how many people you want to live with. Six other housemates ensure that the house is always lively, but can feel a little chaotic at times!

Know the areas

Before you start viewing properties, have a stroll through Hove and get to know the different areas. The seafront, particularly places like Brunswick Terrace, are wonderful for those who love sea views. Locations like these you’ll find some beautiful period properties for rent. However, if you’d prefer to roll out of bed as late as possible each morning, you might prefer to live closer to the train station. For example, somewhere like Tisbury Road, Norton Road or Easton Gardens.

Click here for Sussex Universities guide on arears to live and transport links,

Getting the Lowdown

Before signing the contract, it’s imperative to view the property first, and ask all the right questions. When you’re looking around, think about the following:

Is there enough space?

Can the house comfortably accommodate you and your fellow housemates? Are there desks for each to work at? Is there any outdoor space? It’s not vital to have a garden, but it’s a nice extra, especially during the warmer months.

How does the rent compare?

Make sure you’re not paying above the odds. A reputable Hove letting agent will only work with landlords that operate fairly. If you’re unsure, it’s a wise idea to browse property portals to check the price is the right amount per month.

Be aware that you might not be the only one

Competition for student accommodation in Hove is usually fierce, so we recommend making a good first impression. If possible, view the property as a group rather than on your own. The landlord will feel more comfortable meeting all potential tenants at once.

Check out the neighbours

Hove is a great area to live in, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suffer from the occasional problematic neighbour. Recycling bins overflowing with beer bottles might indicate a house of late-night ravers next door. Nappies may suggest a family with a crying baby, which might cause problems when you’re trying to revise! Assess the neighbouring properties with an appraising eye.

For students looking for more information on renting a property click here.

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