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Save money on your energy bills and help benefit the environment with these handy top tips.

Tip 1:

Turn down the thermostat! If you turn down the thermostat by just 1% you could potentially save up to £200.00 a year. People don’t realise that this very small adjustment can make all the difference to your heating bill.

Tip 2:

Use the timer on your central heating, and set it for the morning and evening rather than leaving it on all day. Why would you want to have central heating on when you are not at the property? If you have got a timer why not set it half an hour before you come home and half an hour before you go to sleep? You will find that this will reduce your bill quite substantially.

Tip 3:

Save energy on making your cup of tea. Put cold water into a mug first then pour it into the kettle. Gage the correct amount you need for a number of cups. This will save a huge amount over the year as you wont be boiling water  you don’t need.

Top 4:

When cooking meals in the oven, try and share it with a house mate and cook multiple meals at once to save energy. You may find it would be easier to cook something the night before ready for lunch the next day.

Tip 5:

Try and use less hot water. Having a shower instead of a bath result in huge saving over a year.

Tip 6:

Turn your washing machine down. If you reduce the temperature to 30 degrees you save energy quite dramatically.

Tip 7:

Turn appliances off at the plug to save an average £30 a year. Households with more gadgets could see an annual savings reach between £50-£80 per annum. If you leave your TV on standby it is still using electricity. Turn it off at the plug and you will find you are making an instant saving.

Tip 8:

Wasting warm water charges you twice. Once for the water, and once for heating it. Unnecessarily adding to your bill.

We wish you well in trying to save money for your energy bills.

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